Clicker Classes

Class Details

Clicker ABC

New to Clicker Training and/or want to a refresher

1 hour session for 6 weeks that teaches the How and Why Clicker Training works

Max class size: 2 dogs (one dog per handler)

No prior experience required

Cost R800 (includes Clicker Basic Kit of Clicker, Treat Bag and Target Stick)

Clicker Keep It Fun

This class is for owners that want to do something fun with their dogs and spend some quality time with their dog.

1 hour session for 4 weeks that expands on what is taught in Clicker ABC. Behaviours taught are based on what the class wants to achieve over the 4 weeks.

Max class size: 2 dogs (one dog per handler)

Ideally you should have attended our Clicker ABC class or have prior experience of Clicker Training

Cost R500 


Class Dates

We run our sessions from Solheim, Germiston with a maximum of 2 dogs per session due to space.

As a result, sessions will be booked based on your and our availability on weekends (i.e. they do not always occur 4 weeks in a row). This allows us to attend various seminars and helps you if you have another commitment on a particular weekend.

For more information on the classes, please visit our Classes page.